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Bear King: Running Through Snow

A small series of the Three Graces, Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. While the Graces are from the greek tradition, I wanted to represent them in different cultural styles.

Aglaia, Goddess of beauty, splendor and adornment

Euphrosyne, Goddess of mirth and good cheer

Thalia, Goddess of festivity and rich banquets

A small series in the format of 4 Ace cards. In this series, I wanted to explore the theme of cultures in the future as experienced by rebellious youth. I wanted to take special care to the cultural influence on the clothing, environment, and patterns.

The 12 signs of the Zodiac as represented by female faces. This series captures the traditional symbols of the signs, their colors, animals, and floral association, and portrays them with modern fashion illustration














The Bear King is a fairytale from Norway, where a girl lives with a bear by day, and a mysterious creature by night. I've poured a lot of cultural research into this project, from pattern, to clothing, to religion, and I enjoy it more the longer I work on it.

The Four Winds. These spirits help the main character, Lene, travel across the land to rescue her bear.

Princess Parizade is a character from a Thousand and One Nights. Through a series of adventures, she saves her brothers and her mother, and returns them all to their rightful places. I have lots of fun researching for this story, things like what the architecture should look like, to what breed of horses they would ride.

Afterland is a research study game about recursive learning created at MIT-Singapore Gambit Game Labs in two months. I worked with a small team to prototype, game design, and ultimately ship Afterland. I was responsible for concept work, and all environments.Play Afterland Here

Some of the original concept art for Afterland. We wanted a character that was a social recluse that followed traditional gaming tropes (stealing, hidding, breaking things, fighting) We eventually hoped to lead the player into making friends, and wanted the enviorment to reflect that change of a players perception

Final approved mocks of the three areas of Afterland. We named them internally as Forest, Savannah, and City

A step by step of how wach of the levels are made, and what makes up each background.

I worked on Endless Alphabet, a children's app that teaches letters and new vocabulary. I was responsible for the visual style of the app, where I made all the characters, assets, and some of the UI. I also storyboarded, animated, and sound designed. I worked with a small team to prototype, mock, animate, and distribute an Apple Editor's Choice App.

Endless Alphabet Demo

The first round of Endless Alphabet characters. I created these very quickly around the idea of friendly creatures that didn't talk, but through funny antics would teach kids new vocabulary. Looking at this first pass, we agreed that some of these designs were too hard to animate quickly. They were altered until we arrived at the agreed designs to the right

Character design processes of some of the characters

Final Designs for the first 45 characters. Originally we planned for 100

Rigs for a couple of the characters. The characters were rigged for Flash, AfterEffects, and an Animation Engine. They were made of shapes, and sometimes strokes for arms and legs.

The storyboard sketch, and assets for animation for the word 'Contraption' See Animations for the movie.

Assets for the animations Dizzy, Experiment, Demolish, and Labyrinth

Concept art and marterials for the app Lex Lingo's Endless Adventure

Lex has a big imagination. These two scenes show the swap back and forth between Lex's imagination world, and his plain old tree house.

Lex has a big imagination, but he's also lonely. His treehouse is his special place, but I also wanted it to reflect hs loneliness. I did that by puting his tree house on the top of a hill at the very edge of a small town.

Concepts created for Disney's StarWars Commander

Created from pre-production to through live operation. Many of these concepts were modeled by me in Maya and painted over in Photoshop. The main challenge of this project was to create buildings that could be recognized across multiple factions and multiple level upgrades. This required all core buildings to have a strong silhouette and quick read as to its function.


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The Bear King: Bjorn's Run Cycle

Adobe Flash

Made for the Bear King story project.

Endless Alphabet: Contraption


Yoshi Yoshitani: Storyboarding, Characters, Assets

Elise Fachon: Animation

An animation made for the children's app Endless Alphabet, which teaches kids their letters and new vocabulary words.

Endless Parade

After Effects

Endless Blimp

After Effects

These animations were created as rewards for having successfully guessed a mystery word based on the clues. The word iself is programatically placed within the animation

I'm an Illustrator whose passion is the creation of stories. I love to create worlds where characters, environments, patterns, colors, and viewer experience can weave together to bring joy and delight.

In my work, I employ my love of cultures to imbue my work with a rich sense of heritage. My research includes mythos, clothing, architecture, and traditions from around the world. From Norway to South America, I enjoy learning about and exploring new places and people.

Feel free to contact me about jobs, freelance, or just to talk

Email: yoshi AT


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